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Htaccess Redirect Generator

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If you need to redirect a browser to another page, redirecting is the simplest way to do it. Redirect file is a web server component that allows you to change the URL path of requested URL. 

Simply put, when an end user requests a new page (on your site) then through the Redirect file you'll be able to match their request with the new page address and send them there. Whatever they want they will get.

This free web resource features a tool that generates Htaccess Redirect file, which redirects the visitor from the old URL to a new one. Simply paste in your site's old and new URLs, choose the navigation structure and submit the form!

Generate a htaccess file that redirects to a desired web page. It will generate the correct path, titles, and rewrite rules so you can get your site looking its best quickly and easily.


How to Use Htaccess Redirect File

Our free Htaccess redirect tool can create HTTP to HTTPS redirects for your websites. 

These redirects will increase your website's ranking in Google, Bing and other search engines by pushing out any duplicate content. This redirect file can be used to 301 redirect to any original URL you want.

Note: To use the Htaccess Redirect file effectively may require some advanced knowledge. For further assistance refer read this:

If at the end you can't resolve the redirect, please contact your hosting provider for assistance.

This is a quick and easy HTaccess redirect generator for your website that allows you to easily modify or add multiple redirects to a single htaccess file. It is absolutely free, no strings attached.