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Über Keyword Density Checker

The phrase "keyword density" reflects how frequently a given word or phrase appears on a webpage in contrast to other words.

For example, if "artificial intelligence" is your main target keyword on a page, and it only appears 2% of the entire word count, that page would be said to have low keyword density.

On the other hand, if the keyword "artificial intelligence" comprised up to 20% of your entire keyword on the page, you would be considered to have high keyword density.

So essentially, the Keyword Density Checker tool at is designed to track the keyword frequency of any given URL. This free SEO tool is helpful, especially when you want to rank on the Google Search Engine or any particular keyword. 

Using this is so important because it gives you insight into what you have done so far and what more you need to do.


How To Improve SEO Keyword Count on Your Page

Enter your website URL and click submit. The system will instantly analyze your keywords and give your website's total keywords.

The result page of  Keyword Density Checker Tool on FreeSEOTools.Com.Ng is divided into three main sections.

Total Keywords: 

Example 300


Example seo,

Count Percentage: 

Example 16.5%


With these examples, you can understand how the Keyword Density Checking Tool works. If after analyzing your website, the percentage of your target keyword is not high compared to your total word count, then you need to optimize your keywords.

How Does the Keyword Density Checker Tool Work?

The tool called the "Keyword Density Checker" counts how many times a keyword appears in the total text on a page. The percentage of times a keyword or phrase is used on a web page is known as keyword density. It is calculated by webmasters in SEO to ascertain whether a web page is pertinent to a certain topic.


The Free Keyword Density Checker Tool

You can use our free SEO tools to detect keyword issues on your site and also  to help you fix them.

It does point out the errors and weaknesses in your website's content so you can fix them. Content writers should evaluate keyword density either before or after publication.


Keyword Density Checker Tool:

You may examine the SEO Keyword Density of your webpage with the Keyword Density Checker Tool at by placing your page url in the column above and click the submit button.

Our free SEO tool will examine the density of your keywords just like a search engine would if you entered text or a page URL.

The Keyword Density Checker tool measures the proportion of the total number of keywords divided by the page's content length. Enter your URL on our site, and it will show you the keyword density for that particular page.