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This free SEO Page Speed Checker tool is designed to help you check the page speed of your site and to make sure everything is configured properly for search engine optimization. It also has great recommendations for improving page speed.


Why You Should Use Our Free Tools?

Our free SEO Page Speed Checker Tool provides detailed metrics about your website to help you optimize your page speed and evaluate improvements. Use the tool for an overall snapshot of your site, or to identify which pages are slowest and best practices to address slow load times.

Improve your page speed and enhance your website's performance with our free SEO tool, which will help you identify potential performance issues and make improvements.


How to Use a Page Size Checker

This tool can be used to determine the size of a web page either before or after it has been transmitted to the web server.

Enter the site's URL in the search box above, then click the submit button to see the size of live web pages. Your system will immediately display the sizes of the web pages.


Limitations of Page Size Checkers

The page size checks have some restrictions.

  • The first is that they can only compare a page's size to a specific range of predetermined measurements.

If a page is not formatted to the desired dimensions, this could be an issue.

  • Furthermore, page size checkers can only compare a page's size to the default page size.

The page size checker might not be able to tell if a page is intended for a different size.

  • The fact that page size checkers can only determine a page's size in bytes is another drawback.

If a page has dynamic material or has been compressed, this could be an issue.