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What is a URL Encoder?

A URL encoder is a tool that converts URLs into a code that you can share on social media or email. 

It is also used to create shortened URLs that are easier to remember. For example, when you type in "" the URL will be converted into ""


How to Encode a URL Using Our Free Tool?

The process is somehow simple, but to do this you'll require a Url encoding tool like this one. 

To encode a URL, you simply enter your website's URL in the column above and click Submit, our system will do the work for you.


 would be encoded as …..


How to decode a URL Using a Browser?

When you are trying to figure out what a URL is, it's usually a good idea to use your browser. 

To do this, open up your browser and type in the URL. Once the URL appears, hover your mouse over the text and press enter. 

You should see an address bar. Click on the address bar and then click on the "tools" icon. From there, click on "Show Info." 

This will take you to a page that displays information about the website.


Importance of Using Url Encoder

Using an Url encoder is very important because it allows you to customise the URL in a unique way. 

It's useful for websites that have a lot of different content and you don't want to have to change it all the time. 

This can be helpful when you are creating a website, as well as when you are sharing content online.