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My IP address search identifies your device location using its IP address.

If you ever wanted to know your device's real IP address, this is it. Among other things, it may show you:

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Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns this information to only your device, among billions of others, and assigns it an Internet Protocol address (IP).

Devices utilise IP addresses to find and communicate with one another, so in a manner, an IP address serves as an online home address.

What is the Function of an IP address?

Computers on networks are uniquely identified by their Internet protocol (IP) addresses. Your device must first use its IP address to locate servers and other computers on a network before it can send and receive data.


IP Address Physical

An IP is a special address that computers use. It recognizes other devices on the IP network and contacts them. Any device connected to the IP network must be able to access a single network IP address. Because they are used to identify an item, a street address or phone number can be compared to a voice.